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Be curious. Take risks. Challenge yourself. Open your mind to other perspectives. Change your thought patterns. Create helpful habits. Have a voice. Strengthen relationships with others & with yourself.

About Allison

Adolescence is a time of natural transition with changes in thoughts, emotions, & behaviors. Navigating teen years can be challenging, both for the teen & parents! These transitions bring symptoms of anxiety, depression, and unhealthy coping.

It’s common for teens to struggle to identify & express their emotions. I help them gain insight & provide a new perspective. My goal is for them to learn how to be more self-aware, manage stress, cope with changes, have healthy relationships, build a positive image, & handle difficult situations.


I often say to my clients “make it a great day” & feel this is my personal philosophy. I honestly think that we have a bit of power & control to choose how our day turns out. Our preparation, attitude, & reaction all play a role in how we perceive the day. If we keep that in mind during difficult times, we allow ourselves to not have negative experiences define us.

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"You can't get to courage without walking through vulnerability."
-Brene Brown

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