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Aerial View of Clouds

I specialize in working with individuals that are
middle school to college aged, 13-25y/o.

My fee is $125 per 50 minute session.


Middle School Ages

Middle school can be a very challenging time in a teen's life. Adjusting to themselves, learning study skills, & navigating friendships can be overwhelming. This age group is often focused on:

  • Mindfulness: Increasing presence & self-awareness across situations.

  • Emotional Regulation: Teaching skills that help teens understand & experience their feelings in a less overwhelming way.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Helping teens strengthen personal relationships & gain insight into their social patterns.

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Reading a Book in Balcony


High School Ages

Therapy could be beneficial to your teen during this period between childhood & adulthood
by helping them to:

  • Better identify their values & understand themselves

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Learn to communicate more effectively with family, friends, teachers, or coaches

  • Boost confidence

  • Improve problem-solving skills

  • Learn skills to cope with difficult emotions

  • Improve resiliency to life’s challenges

  • Balance the demands of school, extra-curricular, friends, & home life


College Ages or up to 25y/o

Your 20's are one of the most transformative periods of your life. While some people seem to have their whole lives mapped out before they’ve even finished high school, other people find that they are in their 20's and feeling lost. It’s okay not to know what you want to do with your life; you’re allowed to change, grow and explore to discover who you are & what you want! Therapy will help you learn how to set realistic goals & break them down into actionable steps. You can also get help for depression, anxiety, & low self-esteem, which could be holding you back from going after your dreams & experiencing the life you want.

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Home Schooling


I believe that as children grow & develop, they can sometimes get stuck in maladaptive patterns of behavior that can be difficult for parents to understand & assist. My role as a therapist is to gain an understanding of your child's view of the world & the role in the family, identify misperceptions, then work with you to help develop a more fulfilling, enjoyable relationship.

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